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Children taking part in a bushcraft charity at Ciltern Open Air Museum.

We rely on your support

Our museum is a charity. We receive no regular local or national funding. We have fantastic volunteers who help us stay open, but we still need to keep the lights on, care for our historic buildings, feed the animals and much much more!

We also support our local community with social prescribing projects such as our Accompanied Walks for over 60s who are socially isolated. We seek funding to support school visits from deprived areas and SEN schools.

It costs over £2000 a day to keep our lovely patch of countryside and special heritage buildings open and enjoyable for everyone. You can make sure we go on doing that with a donation. And if you pay UK tax then you can make that donation worth over 20% more to us at no cost to you by signing up to Gift Aid it.

Thank you for helping us to go on making the Museum a special place.

Donate Now

A regular gift would be a special help to us

If you can help, please make a one-off or regular donation online. Alternatively, you can contact Gill on for information on other ways to donate.

What your gift could do for us :

  • £5 could buy seeds to help our traditional gardens grow
  • £10 could help us buy feed for our animals
  • £20 could help us buy tree saplings to plant in our Chilterns woodland
  • £50 could support our outreach work to vulnerable children and adults
  • £100 will help us preserve our heritage buildings for future generations

Thank you so much

“People often tell me that Chiltern Open Air Museum is their favourite place. If it is one of your favourite places please do consider making a regular financial contribution to our vision of keeping Chiltern landscape, architecture and skills alive.”  Verena Clark, Museum Chair.

Chiltern Open Air Museum is a registered charity (no.272381)

Fundraising Regulator Badge COAM


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