Regular charity donation

regular charity donation

Make a regular charity donation to COAM

The Museum is a charity and does not receive any regular funding. We have currently rescued 35 buildings and their upkeep is expensive. In addition to the buildings that we have reconstructed at the Museum we also have a further 15 buildings in store waiting for the funds to be raised so that they can join our collection of buildings and be enjoyed by the local community.

A regular donation made by direct debit will help us continue protecting the amazing buildings in our care and help protect our future.

There are many ways your donations can support the Museum

A donation of £10 a month could pay for a day’s feed for our animals
A donation of £20 a month could help repair the 100 traditional gates that we have on site
A donation of £30 a month could go towards the re-painting of one of our 33 buildings
A donation of £50 a month could help buy period games and activities for visitors to enjoy

Alternatively you could give a one off donation or support one of our appeals or support the Museum by purchasing an Annual Pass.

We are a registered charity (no.272381)





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