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Things to Do and See at Chiltern Open Air Museum This April

We’re welcoming visitors everyday throughout the Easter school holidays. Join us for a special selection of seasonal treats this April at Chiltern Open Air Museum!

Follow Our Easter Bird Trail

Discover the British birds that live at the museum by following our trail. Find the giant nests around the site and listen to the bird’s songs. The Easter trail will be available for all visitors to enjoy during the Easter school holidays.

Visit Our Traditional Lambing Fold

Sheep surrounding a shepherds living vat at Chiltern Open Air Museum

The first lamb of the season was born on 27th March – a boy we’ve called Lamborghini. Visit our lambing fold to learn about traditional farming in the Chilterns and see the new-born lambs.

See Our New Willow Sculptures

Come and see our specially commissioned willow sculptures by artist Tina Cunningham of Ecolistic Artworks. A life-size stag and deer can be found near Arborfield Barn, our sheepdog Bang is rounding up the Oxford Down sheep near Henton Mission Room, and more artworks inspired by the wildlife at the museum will be joining them over the next few weeks.

Try Being a Wildlife Artist

A painting of a mouse by Iain Chara Kane

During the Easter holidays we’ll be joined by Wildlife Artist Iain Chara Kane. On 1st, 4th, 6th and 11th April he’ll be painting some of the wildlife that we help to conserve in and around the managed woodlands, meadows, hedgerows and farmland on site. Iain will have a selection of paintings and cards available to buy. Do say hello and maybe have a go sketching some of the wildlife yourself!

Have a Terrific Tuesday

2nd April will see the return of our famous Terrific Tuesdays. This one will have an Easter theme and there will be Easter bonnet making, storytelling and clay modelling. 9th April is another Terrific Tuesday and this one will have a Earth Day theme. There will be Earth themed family games, bookmark making, and clay modelling.

Terrific Tuesdays Event Details

Enjoy the Spring Flowers & Meet Our Gardeners

A close up of blossom on an Aylesbury Prune Tree.

With the arrival of April our gardens are coming into bloom. At the beginning of the month daffodils surround Astleham Manor Cottage, the trees in the orchard start to blossom and snakes-head fritillaries appear through the grass.

You can meet our gardening team and find out more about our gardens on 4th & 11th April.

Celebrate St George and the Dragon

St George and the Dragon

The legend of the English patron saint will be brought to life at the museum on 20th & 21st April. A team of knights will mount their steeds and demonstrate target training on a quintain – a wooden target with a rotating arm. As they approach, they must strike the quintain with a lance, aiming for a particularly small target on the rotating arm, which will test the knights’ accuracy and agility. After perfecting their quintain training, they will advance to jousting training where two knights will duel with lances in hand once again. The dragon will then be summoned and a fierce battle between the knight and the beast will begin.

St George & the Dragon Event Details

Come on a Woodland Walk

On 26th April join us for a guided walk through the Museums woodland – enjoying a special connection with nature. Yes, you will learn about the woods, the flora and fauna. But we will also be natures detectives; exploring and using our senses to identify the trees and plants, looking at the shapes of leaves, feeling the bark (tree hugging optional) and smelling them too, and perhaps a little foraging!

Woodland Walk Details

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