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What children say

‘I had an incredible trip on Monday.  It was my best school trip yet.’

‘The pot making was very messy but I like getting messy.

‘The farm tour was well cool, once we learnt how to thatch, grind and winnow we all earnt a penny. Yeah!’

What school staff say

‘The day was fantastic – I was very impressed by the support and guidance offered before our arrival, and by the organisation and engaging activities on the day. Without a doubt it was the best value trip I have ever led, and by far the most enjoyable and engaging workshop sessions I have ever taken a class to.’

‘The day after the trip the kids were amazing, retelling the story of Little Red Hen, even children who normally say nothing were talking and adding their own bits. Having the characters on site e.g. farmer and his wife really brought it to life for the kids plus getting to see the animals… We are expecting great work from them in the coming weeks.’

‘You have so many brilliant cross curricular links going on with maths with measuring of the ingredients, literacy, history with being inside the cottage and looking at how many (people) lived in a little cottage, DT with making and cooking, science with where the ingredients have come from, planting seeds and seeing the animals etc. … how perfect COAM is for an experience like this!

In terms of the impact on their writing, the children found it much easier to talk (and consequently) write about how the characters would have felt living with Mister Tom and being at the village school. They were not able to empathise prior to the visit. … and after the visit the children were able to describe the effect of living away from home in greater depth … Having actually sat in Mister Tom’s cottage allowed them to make comparisons to their own lives and creature comforts! Additionally, talking to the characters (who kept in character throughout) and asking questions of them, supported understanding further.’

‘The day was such a success, and the work that came out of it was of such a high standard, that you will be very pleased to hear that The National Gallery in London have asked us if they can exhibit it. Many, many thanks for the support you gave to our school towards this lovely outcome. Because of your help, our children will be able to tell their grandchildren that they have had work exhibited in The National Gallery.’

‘Thank you so much for all the time and effort your staff put into planning such as special and rewarding day. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a great deal from the day which was exactly what we were looking for.’

‘The cooking workshop and the farm workshop were both really good. Really hands on, filled the time well and the kids learnt loads.’

‘The staff are very knowledgeable and they amazed the children and teachers with interesting facts!’

‘We had a wonderful time on Friday and the children had a lovely experience. All the workshop leaders were brilliant with the children and tailored the sessions for the age of the children. Chiltern Open Air Museum will definitely be a place we would love to re-visit.’








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