Cooking in the Past Workshop

Cooking in the past workshop

Our Cooking in the Past workshop

This workshop will last for 60 minutes and takes place in our Leagrave cottage.

The object of this workshop is to explore the process of cooking over an open fire, within the context of living in an 18th Century cottage.

Children will:

  • Explore how people lived in the past – all activities took place within one downstairs room.
  • Explore the cooking process: measuring in lbs and oz, use replica utensils.
  • Follow a receipt (recipe)
  • Create simple griddle scones.
  • Experience how to cook on a griddle over an open fire.
  • Eat the griddle cakes as they are cooked and cooled (often not directly at the end of the workshop).
  • A self-led trail and handling box session are built into this workshop.

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