Stone Age School Workshops

Stone Age school workshops

Prehistory curriculum at Chiltern Open Air Museum

Chiltern Open Air Museum is an award winning museum and is highly qualified to deliver a prehistory curriculum. We have many archaeologists and specialists on staff who have worked with us to develop our Stone Age programme for schools.

Our Stone Age school workshops (Middle Stone Age)

This school workshop lasts for 90 minutes. During the workshop, the children will be introduced to different aspects of Mesolithic life: the focus is upon the skills essential for life during this middle Stone Age period. Your class will be met by a costumed interpreter who will introduce you to our replica campsite.

During the workshop children will: generate pigments, cover a temporary shelter, handle replica artefacts, practise the skills necessary to start a fire and re-enact a hunt.  The class will leave this session with their pigment drawings and some pigment to take home (if they don’t use it during the session).

Please be aware that the entire 1 hour 30 minutes of this workshop takes place outside so please dress warmly.

We also offer an exciting Stone Age literacy theme day based on the Wolf Brother story by Michelle Paver.

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