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Engaging prehistory school workshops

The Museum has 37 historic buildings including a replica Iron Age roundhouse making us uniquely placed to provide an immersive prehistory programme for schools. Our Learning Team consists of archaeologists, and museum and education specialists who have worked together to create an immersive, award-winning learning experience based upon referenced archaeological evidence.

Our prehistory schools programme

Our programme highlights key aspects of the different prehistory periods. We offer children the opportunity to live past lifestyles and engage with activities essential to life in the past. Each of our themed days gives every child in your class the opportunity to engage with technology as it was in the distant past.

A day in the Stone Age Life is set in the ‘middle’ Stone Age period known as the Mesolithic. The children focus on hunting and gathering skills, shelter building, and tool making; use of pigments, cordage and making fire. Guided by costumed educators they will learn much about using the environment to sustain life.

A day in the Iron Age Life is set in our round house and focuses on the use of grain and milk as the key technological changes of the period. This theme day also includes an activity which helps children understand how we know about the past by using deductive skills in an archaeological dig.

A day in the Anglo-Saxon Life focuses on weaving, metal working, games and runes. This themed day also includes an archaeological dig.

The newly created Prehistory day includes teaching sessions on Stone Age life and Iron Age life. It helps children understand the effect of changing technology had on the lifestyles of these ancient Britons.

Stone Age, Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon theme days are £385 per class of up to 32 children
Prehistory Days are £450 per class of up to 32 children.

Further Information

All of our workshops are organised for classes of up to 32 children. If you are a special needs school or have a number of SEND children in your class please call the Learning Team on 01494 875 542 we may be able to access funding to help with your school visit.

If you have a smaller number of children in your class you may like to consider a self-led day. We have resources to help you get the most from your outing at COAM.

For further information please contact the Education Team on, complete our Education contact form or telephone 01494 875 552

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