Managing Your School Trip

Managing your school trip at COAM

Managing your school trip

A guide to the resources available for managing your school trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum.

Risk Assessments

  • We would be delighted to welcome up to two members of school staff to the Museum for a pre-visit. Please bring proof of your booking (either a confirmation email or your booking confirmation form) to show the ticket office.
  • We have created a generic Assessment of Risk to support you as you create your personalised risk assessment.

Top tips for teachers

Lunch Time

  • A specific time and venue will be identified on your timetable.
  • If the weather is fine then you are welcome to eat outside in any of our designated, open spaces.
  • Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for you to use the picnic seating outside our Tea Room this is for our Tea Room customers only.
  • Picnic tables are available for general use outside Northolt Barn.

Preparing your children

  • You can watch our video of a school visit to the museum.
  • Ask the children about their expectations before the visit and compare these expectations with their actual experience. We would be very interested in hearing their feedback, what did they like or dislike?

Self-led resources

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