The Three Little Pigs

Three little pigs workshop

Our Three Little Pigs literacy workshop

This workshop lasts for 2 hours and is based upon the traditional story of the Three Little Pigs and aims to encourage the children to learn more about materials and their properties. The workshop takes place in different buildings and woodland spaces around our Village Green and we include a 15 minute ‘snack and comfort break’ within the timetable to ensure that Early Years groups are able to access the programme enjoyably. This workshop is suitable for Early Years and KS1.

Children will:

  • Listen and engage with the story of The Three Little Pigs
  • Explore and use the three materials; straw, sticks and bricks to create shelters in our woodlands
  • Create clay faces on trees to ‘protect’ the shelters from the Wolf
  • Visit our cottage made from bricks, sticks and straw and see the chimney the Big Bad Wolf climbed down

A snack time is built into the workshop so that the children are able to have a short break.

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