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The Little Red Hen theme day

A literacy theme day based upon the tale of The Little Red Hen. The theme day begins with an interactive, re-telling of this popular story. Children then move around the Museum site and interact with inferred characters from within The Little Red Hen Story. They will meet the Farmer’s wife and bake griddle scones over an open fire in her cottage. They will help the farmer sow grain in his field, taking care to remove all the stones before the sowing can begin. They will visit The Little Red Hen’s real chicken family in the farm and will explore the story using a variety of props under the guidance of their school staff.

The Little Red Hen theme day sessions, collectively, are intended to immerse the children within the story. School staff tell us that this theme day is a great foundation for creative writing; we also recommend this day as an introduction to sowing, gathering and using a crop during Harvest in the late Victorian era.

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