Literacy School Workshops

Literacy school workshops

Our literacy school workshops

As a learning team our mission is to empower and excite young writers. Our programme is based on the Talk for Writing process and we invite children into the story context, bringing the characters and the settings to life for them.

We are uniquely placed to re-create story settings as we are a Museum specialising in the rescue of historic buildings. The Little Red Hen is contextualised in the era of the traditional tale (generically late Victorian); Goodnight Mr Tom has been developed as a WWII theme day using our 1940s prefab and Nissen hut, both of which are authentic 1940s buildings. Experience shows us that when children walk into homes and buildings and are met by costumed characters from a familiar story, something magical happens. We want to capture that magic and empower their imaginations, creating a bank of experience they can use to craft stories of their own.

Workshops available

Good Night Mister Tom £450 per class of 32 – no more than 2 classes per day.

The Little Red Hen (EYFS) 2 hour workshop £350 for a class of up to 32 children.

What teachers say

Teachers have told us how well children engage with our process:

‘the day after the trip the kids were amazing, retelling the story of Little Red Hen, even children who normally say nothing were talking and adding their own bits. Having the characters on site e.g. farmer and his wife really brought it to life for the kids plus getting to see the animals… We are expecting great work from them in the coming weeks.’

Further Information

If you are a special needs school or have a number of SEND children in your class please call the Learning Team on 01494 875 542 we may be able to access funding to help with your school visit. For further information please contact the Education Team on, complete our Education contact form or telephone 01494 875 542.

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