What Was it Like to Live in a Toll House?

Our What Was it Like to Live in a Toll House? School Workshop

During this workshop the Toll House keeper’s wife welcomes the children into her home and garden and explains the significance of her husband’s (the Toll House Keeper) role in 18th and 19th century life.  Visiting groups will have the chance to explore the Toll House garden which is full of fruit and vegetables as well as medicinal herbs, there is also opportunity to discover how an early 19th century family washed their clothing.  This is a wonderful opportunity to walk through a Victorian home: opportunities to contrast a modern home with homes of the past are endless.

This is a 60 minute workshop and is aimed at KS2.

Children will:
  • Explore the roll and job of a Toll Keeper
  • Learn how his home was adapted specifically to link with his job
  • Experience the environment of a Victorian Kitchen and Bedroom and explore and handle artefacts from these environments
  • Learn about the function of a Victorian washroom
  • Follow a learning trail around the outside of the Toll House, discovering the outside toilet and the plants grown in the garden for medicinal purposes.

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