How did we wash clothes school workshop

How did we wash clothes school workshop

Our How Did We Wash Clothes School Workshop

In the age of modern washing machines, understanding the different processes involved in a typical 1940s or Victorian washday can be very hard to imagine.  This workshop will allow children to physically experience the challenges – they seem to think it is great fun so we do our best to emphasise that washday was also very hard work!

This workshop will last for 45 minutes and is suitable for KS1 and KS2.

Children will:
  • Explore the full process of washing clothes in the past.
  • They will discuss the techniques for collecting and heating water.
  • They will experience using a washboard, carbolic soap and cold water to clean a cloth.
  • They will rinse their clothes using a prosser.
  • They will be supervised as they use a mangle and will then hang their clothes out using Victorian pegs.
  • Children will have the opportunity to explore the 1940s prefab kitchen and the wash room in the Victorian toll house, both of which display artefacts used in a traditional wash day.

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