Houses and Homes School Theme Day

Houses and Homes school theme day

Exploring Houses and Homes school theme day

Our Museum is ‘home’ to many original homes and as children physically walk through these spaces they can naturally compare and contrast the technology and lifestyle of different eras in time. Children and young people visiting our buildings can walk through the Iron Age era, compare the kitchen in the home of a farm labourer with the kitchen of a wealthier Victorian family, listen to the organ playing inside our Victorian tin chapel and finally visit the 1940s home of Mr and Mrs Brant.

To help children to engage with these different houses and homes we offer a variety of workshops which bring to life the ways in which we used to live. Children may choose to experience life in the Iron Age or cook griddle scones inside the farm labourer’s kitchen. They may take part in a 1940s wash day or visit the Toll House keeper’s wife inside her Victorian Toll House. They may learn how materials were re-cycled to make rag rugs or how ordinary families created a light source to use during the long, dark evenings. Many of our workshops are led by costume interpreters and we are told the children feel immersed in their experience, often remembering and re-telling aspects of their day in the weeks following their visit.

Choose three 45 minute workshops of your choice or one 60 minute workshop and one other and create a whole day of immersive learning.

45 minute workshops
How do we create Rag Rugs?
How did we wash clothes in the past?
Lighting in the past
Making butter

60 minute workshops
What was it like to live in a Victorian toll house?
Cooking in the past
Iron Age Life

What was it like in a Victorian School?

Alternatively, we offer the following theme days for EYFS and KS1 Goldilocks and the three bears, The three little pigs or Mrs Tiggy-Winkle.

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