Historic Working Farm


Working farm using traditional techniques and machinery

The Museum runs a small historic working farm endeavouring to use and demonstrate traditional farming techniques from the past.  The farm’s small working fields surround the historic buildings, and create the backdrop of a classic English rural village.

As you explore the site you will find:

  • Some of our rare breed livestock.
  • Laid hedges in the local style.
  • Recently planted apple and cherry orchards with rare local fruit varieties.
  • Heritage crop varieties being grown and harvested in a traditional manner, and stored as they all once were in thatched corn and hay stacks.

The Museum’s farm buildings form the centre of the museum’s farming operation. They are laid out and used as a classic Chilterns farmstead that might have formed the heart of a local farm from anytime between about 1800 and 1950.

The farmstead is also the base for our ongoing extensive programme of conservation and restoration of historic farming equipment. Much of this is put in to use from time to time throughout the year and can be seen in action.

You will often find members of our friendly and dedicated volunteer farming team around the farm and site, who will be delighted to talk to you about different aspects of the farm.

The farm has been used for the filming of a number of television dramas including Series 2 of Downton Abbey, where Edith helps out on a farm (our farm) during the war. And The Suspicions of Mr Whicher in which some of our staff and volunteers were extras.



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