Iron Age Roundhouse

Iron Age roundhouse at Chiltern Open Air Museum

 Replica Iron Age Roundhouse

  • The replica Iron Age Roundhouse was constructed in the 1990s.  It has been furnished for the period c. 50 AD during the Roman occupation of Britain.
  • The floor is made of rammed chalk and flint creating a hard surface, similar to roundhouses excavated in the Chilterns.
  • The thatched roof weighs two tons and is supported by wooden rafters.
  • There is no chimney.  The smoke from the hearth filters through the thatch, leaving a tarry deposit which helps preserve the roof.
  • The Iron Age roundhouse is used for school workshops.
  • Sketches from popular children’s television program Horrible Histories have been filmed around our Iron Age roundhouse along with a variety of other programs.
  • Our Iron Age roundhouse is now licenced for civil wedding ceremonies

Thatching the Iron Age House roof

Things to do:

  • Come and explore the Iron Age roundhouse and smell the woodsmoke from the fire.
  • Hold some replica Roman pottery, dress as a Celt and see how they would grind their flour.
  • Explore the Iron Age Garden.
  • Can you find the fridge?




The Iron Age RoundhouseVolunteers thatching the Iron Age House roof








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