Gorehambury Cart Shed

Gorehambury Cart Shed at Chiltern Open Air Museum

What is it?
Carts and wagons pulled by horses were vital to farm work before tractors. This shed protected them, though it was later used for sheltering cattle instead. Some of the posts have been rubbed smooth by a cow! After that, it was where logs were split for fuel.

Today, it is used for its original purpose – storing the Museum’s collection of carts.

How old is it?
it was built some time during the 1800s.

Where did it come from?
A farm on the Gorhambury Estate near St Albans, Hertfordshire.

What is it built from?
Like lots of other farm buildings, it is made of timber on a brick base. It is clad in wood, with  slate roof topped with curved red clay tiles.

Why is it here at the Museum?
It was donated by Lord Verulam when it was going to be demolished.

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