Heritage Stories

Couple eating toasted marshmallows

Our Campfire Heritage Stories are a range of stories told around our campfire by members of our community whose heritage comes from further afield.

Stories of home, food, journeys, family, celebrations and traditions are shared around a campfire, while marshmallows are toasted.

Oral historian Jonathan Kempster has recorded these stories so that they can be shared across our digital channels to the wider community and be added to our collection.

In 2021, we invited three special guests, who live and/or work in Buckinghamshire, to tell their stories round the campfire – Mei Sim Merry (Hong Kong), Irfan Arif (Pakistan), and Rabbi Neil Janes, who leads the South Bucks Jewish Community. In 2022, we invited Dr Geeta Ludhra (South Asia) and Gregory Gonzales (Philippines) to lead the storytelling.

So, grab yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable and listen to the stories captured at these events.

2022 Campfire Heritage Stories

Gregory Gonzales and Geeta Ludhra

Select tracks from the playlist below to hear the speakers share what these prompts mean to them.

2021 Campfire Heritage Stories

Rabbi Neil Janes, Mei Sim Merry and Irfan Arif

Press play to hear 2021’s Campfire Heritage Stories.


This event was kindly supported by the Rothschild Foundation as part of a Buckinghamshire Cultural Outreach Group Project.

If you are a resident of the Chilterns and would like to share your heritage story then please contact Jacqui Gellman on outreach@coam.org.uk

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