George and the Dragon

20th & 21st April

Come and celebrate St George’s Day with a weekend of knight and dragon inspired fun.

Visit Chiltern Open Air Museum on the 20th and 21st April to celebrate the legend of St George and the Dragon! There will be skill-at-arms, arming of the knight, knight training and battles throughout the day.

At 11am, watch as St George meets the Saracen and takes part in a skill-at-arms competition and crest melee. Following this visitors will be invited to take part in a Dragon Quest Trail around the site.

At 12.30pm come and take part in some squire training.

At 2.10pm, see the arming of the knight and see how he becomes a formidable force. Once fully armored, the knights will mount their steeds and begin training on the quintain and will work up to a mini joust. The quintain is a wooden target with a rotating arm. As they approach, they must strike the quintain with a lance, aiming for a particularly small target on the rotating arm, which will test the knights’ accuracy and agility. After perfecting their quintain training, they will advance to jousting training where two knights will duel with lances in hand once again. The dragon will then be summoned and a fierce battle between the knight and the beast will begin.

Please note that all activities are subject to change and weather.

Premium admission prices apply. Free entry for Annual Pass holders.

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