Join us for our special Napoleonic Living History Weekend

1st & 2nd June 2024

Napoleonic re-enactorsNapoleonic Living History Weekend

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Napoleonic era at this special Napoleonic Living History Weekend this June.

Witness the military encampments of Wellington, Blucher, and Napoleon’s armies, each meticulously recreated to offer a glimpse into the past. Engage with passionate reenactors who will share the untold stories of the men and women behind the armies – the unsung heroes who kept them fed, clothed, marching, and loved.

Watch spectacular displays and thrill at the musket, cavalry, and artillery displays that will transport you to the heart of Napoleonic warfare. Feel the ground shake as cannons roar, horses charge, and muskets fire – an experience that brings history alive before your very eyes.

This event will be brought to you by around 100 reenactors from the Napoleonic Association. Indulge your curiosity and interact with individual units, giving you a unique opportunity to explore the background and daily lives of those who shaped history. Discover the passion and dedication that drives each unit to recreate the past with authenticity and precision.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary weekend of living history, military prowess, and cultural immersion. Secure your tickets today and witness the Napoleonic era in all its glory!

This is a premium event weekend. Free admission for Annual Pass holders.

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