Learn about Praetorian guards

30th -31st May 2021

Roman guards

Special May Bank Holiday Event

If you’re looking for a great educational and fun family day out this May Bank Holiday then come and meet the Romans! re-enactment group Britannia, who some of you will have seen in our previous Roman Gladiator events, will be bringing to life Iron Age Briton.

Visit the living history camp and see craftsman working including the shield painter and weaver. See Praetorian Guards, meet the emperor and gladiator, watch a working ballista (catapult) in action, witness archery contests, learn about Roman board games and general life during this period.

There will be small ongoing demonstrations throughout the day including archery, combat and more.

The Romans will be brought to life by Britannia, one of the largest (and oldest) re-enactment groups in the U.K. Britannia has worked on over 150 TV and film projects, including Sky’s Britannia, Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, Robinhood Prince of Thieves, CBBC’s Horrible Histories, and action film Centurion.

Please be aware that all activities are subject to government restrictions, change and weather.

Premium admission rates apply. Free entry for Annual Pass holders. All tickets MUST be pre-booked online.

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