Visit the new Maypole in action

23rd May 2021

Maypole Dancing

A living tradition comes to COAM. In the hands of the mAy team Maypole Dancing is alive and well!

  • Meet the mAy team and find out about their plans for the Maypole at COAM
  • Watch displays of Maypole Dancing in a “live rehearsal” setting (No joining in yet – Sorry! But you will get a go soon)
  • Learn about the different dance traditions that the mAy team use in their shows
  • Discover more about the mAy team’s exploits including Countryfile Live!
  • Find out about some of the plans for future collaborations as restrictions ease and how they might involve the public, schools and other events

All activities are subject to change and the weather (we are talking English traditions).
This event is subject to Government Regulations.

Standard admission prices apply.