Come along and learn about traditional crafts

Woman using a traditional spinning wheelTraditional craft demonstrations

At Chiltern Open Air Museum we offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience traditional craft demonstrations and see skilled craftspeople in action. We have practitioners demonstrating traditional crafts that were once prevalent in the area. These demonstrations provide an opportunity to learn about the history and techniques behind these crafts and gain a deeper appreciation for the skills involved.

Visitors can not only observe these traditional craft demonstrations but also interact with the craftspeople, ask questions, and learn about the history and significance of these traditional crafts.

You will also find opportunities to learn more about some of these skills by booking onto one of our workshops or experiences days.

Traditional Craft Demonstration Dates

9th March – Spoon Carving
10th March – Chair Making
16th March – Spoon Carving
17th March – Chair Making
23rd March – Flint Knapping
24th March – Chair Making
6th April – Spinning
7th April – Spinning
13th April – Chair Making
14th April – Blacksmithing
27th April – Wheelwright/Leatherwork
28th April – Blacksmithing
4th May – Straw plaiting
11th May – Amber making
12th May – Flint Knapping
18th May – Lace Making
19th May – Chair Making
25th May – Blacksmithing
1st June – Flint Knapping
2nd June – Lace Making
8th June – Blacksmithing
15th June – Wheelwright/Leatherwork
16th June – Blacksmithing
29th June – Spinning
30th June – Spinning and Spoon Carving