Accompanied Walks for the over 65s

From 26th March 2021

Accompanied Walks at COAM

A dose of ‘Vitamin green’

We’re really pleased to announce that we have received additional funding and our Accompanied Walks project can continue during 2021!

Accompanied Walks are for community members aged 65 years or over who had little or no opportunity to venture outdoors or interact with other people. If you think this describes you (even just a little bit), you might be interested to know that the Museum is inviting individuals for an accompanied walk with a friendly and knowledgeable COAM volunteer.

A hot or cold drink will be provided and some help with transport can be arranged. This is all free of charge for a limited number of visitors. Government guidelines on social distancing will be followed and a carer or friend (and a dog if you have one!) can come along for support, if needed.

If you or anyone you know is interested in an Accompanied Walk, please register by contacting Jacqui Gellman, COAM Outreach,, 01494 871 117.

This project, funded by the Shirling Trust, will give visitors the opportunity to enjoy a walk around our Museum and learn about our 37 heritage buildings which are set in 45 acres of gardens, park and woodland.

Benefits include:

  • A dose of ‘Vitamin green’ from being outdoors in a rural setting.
  • The security of being in a supervised setting (as opposed to a public park) with clean and attended toilets.
  • A social interaction.
  • The knock-on wellbeing benefits associated with the above, such as an increase in confidence, a greater ability to manage existing health conditions, and a diversion from negative thoughts.
  • The option of bringing a relative, friend or carer along for moral support, who is also likely to benefit from the experience.
  • An introduction to COAM and warm-up towards next year’s fuller Social Prescription museum activities programme.

You MUST contact to book your Accompanied Walk.

This project is subject to government restrictions. Please read our site Covid-19 guidance.

Further information

COAM Accompanied Walks Summer 2020

Download Accompanied Walks Flyer/Poster