Join the party atmosphere with popular 1940s music playing from our US Army Air Force Jeep

14th – 15th August 2021

1940s VE Day celebrations in Bucks Join us for some 1940s music and dancing

Jeep, Jump, Jive will be creating a party atmosphere with popular 1940s music playing from their US Army Air Force Jeep. There will be Lindy Hop* social dancing and the opportunity for everyone to get involved with fun classes for all ages.

*Lindy Hop is the dance that defines the 1940s. The swing dance arrived in Britain with the American GIs during WW2.

Home Guard

We will be joined by Oxfordshire Home Guard Living History Group who will be demonstrating what life would have been like during World War Two for those in the Home Guard and on the Home Front.

WW1 and WW2 history

During the early 1940s people spent years with food and clothes rationing but there was still some time to go before rationing was stopped. Many houses had been destroyed and there was a need to build accommodation quickly and prefabs were seen as the answer.

  • Explore our 1940s post war prefab and learn more about how they offered new found luxuries such as fridges and ovens!
  • See the Museum’s ‘Dig for Victory’ allotment and discover what produce would have been grown
  • Learn how the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign became the ‘Dig for Plenty’ campaign post war
  • Visit the Museum’s reconstructed WW1 and WW2 Nissen huts and find out more about these World Wars and learn about some local war heroes.

Premium event admission applies. Free entry for Annual Pass holders. When booking online please select the date that you would like to visit.

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