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40 Artefacts for 40 Years: Artefact 13 – Veterinary Fleam

This July the Museum will be celebrating 40 years since it was founded in 1976.

In celebration of this we asked 40 of our staff and volunteers to choose their favourite Museum artefact and share it with us. Some of these artefacts can be found in our 33 re-erected historic buildings, some are currently in our artefacts store waiting for use in one of the buildings that we have in storage. The Museum currently has 15 buildings in store waiting for the funds to be raised so that we can re-erect them in the future. Some of these artefacts are being conserved at present and are not on public view, whilst others are kept under cover to preserve them for the future.


You can find out more about how the Museum began in our Chiltern Open Air Museum Celebrates 40 Years blog post.


Fleam artefact

Veterinary Fleam

Keith Farlie, Volunteer

This fleam, which has three blades, was used to bleed horses suffering from a painful hoof condition known as ‘laminitis’ in order to provide relief. I’ve chosen it because I’m fascinated by early medical and veterinary tools.



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