We are now closed for the winter. We plan to re-open to the public on 26th March 2021.

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Rainbow at Chiltern Open Air Museum

COAM Colour Walk

At this time of year the weather can be rather miserable and getting outside can sometimes be a mission. So, why not take a colour walk to brighten up your daily exercise? Download our instructions here >>  COAM Colour Walk Instructions Suitable for all ages, this is a really simple way to start looking closer

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Estey Chapel Organ

The Henton Chapel Organ

When I joined as a volunteer a few months ago, and was diligently reading through and trying to absorb the information in the buildings’ briefing documents, something jumped out at me from the information on the Henton ‘Tin Tabernacle’ chapel: ‘Interior fittings: The organ is an American Reed Organ, made by F Estey & Co.

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sheep dog pup, Jess, looking at a sheep

First steps on the sheep for Jess

Right from the first month we had Jess, and as soon as she was inoculated she was allowed to see sheep, just so she could develop an interest in them.  First she was shown them, then to follow them, eventually she was allowed to run with them a little. Some dogs are not that interested,

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School children building shelters

Rothschild grant enables COAM to subsidise school visits

Head of Learning, Jo Lonsdale, tells us how a grant from the Rothchild Foundation enabled us to welcome school children who would not have otherwise been able to visit and take part in our award winning learning programme due to financial barriers…. As a direct result of the Rothschild Foundation’s 2018-2019 Local and Community Grant

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